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Providing The Services You Need:
  • Provider Credentialing
  • ICD-10 Coding
  • Charge Form Development

Provider Enrollment/Credentialing

Provider enrollment and credentialing can be very problematic for physicians who are busy running their practice. We can save you time and money by processing all your insurance provider applications and aiding you with credentialing.

Free Appointment System

The CMB appointment system has several benefits beyond just the electronic appointments. Practice staff can track appointments, collect basic demographic information, review payments and outstanding patient balances. It also offers automated eligibility and benefits verification.

Verification of Patient Eligibility and Benefits

Our free appointment scheduling system can be set to automatically verify eligibility for all scheduled patients two-to-three days in advance in a batch mode and present you with a report every morning. This provides assurance that the patient is still covered, the amount of their co-pay, co-insurance, deductibles, etc.

Insurance eligibility verification and plan-specific benefits information confirmation before services are rendered not only leads to fewer claim rejections and denials, but it also lays the foundation for an effective patient financial counseling program.

Charge Form Development/Charge Capture

We can develop a form that works best for you and is easy to update each year. Practitioners can check off the service and diagnosis codes and online super bill automatically populates patient information directly from our appointment scheduler.

Data Transfer

Super bill or EMR data is automatically transferred electronically to CMB for billing on a real-time basis. Paper charge slips can be sent in a variety of ways for those clients still using paper.

Claim Generation

Our billing specialists compile and review data provided by practitioners and generate a claim ensuring all procedures are captured and that claims are "clean" before being submitted. Over 95% of claims submitted by CMB are paid on first submission due to our attention to detail.

Electronic Claims Submission

Claims are submitted daily all insurances.

Payment Posting and Processing

We receive payment information daily from electronic remits, paper EOB's, and patient statements. Payments are reviewed, line-item posted in the system, compared against fee schedules and then balanced.

Secondary and Tertiary Claims

Secondary and Tertiary claims are automatically submitted when required. Patients are billed for any outstanding balances.

Patient Billing

CMB performs all patient billing and follow up. Patient statements are sent twice monthly, as indicated are as directed by client.

Our experienced customer service specialists will treat your patient with the upmost courtesy and respect. We will work with your patients to ensure unpaid balances are paid. CMB has a dedicated toll free number for customer service.

Checks and Balances

CMB ensures every patient has been billed, every procedure is accounted for and every dollar balanced, allowing you to get paid faster and maximizing the amount you are paid.

Claim Follow-up, Denials and Appeals

Every outstanding claim and/or denial gets immediate follow-up attention. Our specialists review, research, correct and reprocess denials.

System Reporting

CMB's software has hundreds of different reports available with numerous sort modifications available to help you analyze your practice. Our customized summary reports with key performance indicators will help you make informed financial decisions for your practice.