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Medical Billing Client Testimonials

“Cape Medical Billing has been helpful through the 17 years we have been associated. Rich (Papperman, CMB President) is always available to discuss an issue, help with burdensome Medicare and commercial insurance paperwork, and assist with denials. He has stood with us to help prevent the corporate insurance machine from rolling over us. That is the best thing they offer--help when it is most needed.”

-Family Practice, NJ


"After entrusting our billing services to Cape Medical Billing we saw our revenue increase by 20%"

~ Pediatric Cardiologist, NJ


"Hi Rich, Just wanted to drop you a line to tell you how satisfied I have been thus far with your medical billing services. It's so nice to know that the billing is being taken care of in such a competent manner, and I don't have to worry about it (finally). Thanks!"

~ Family Medicine Physician


"I am now able to concentrate on practicing medicine and not worry about our billing, that's why I refer my colleagues to Cape Medical Billing."

~ General Physician


"I'm amazed at the changes we've seen in our revenue over the past year. Rejections are at an all time low and our procedures are being paid at the highest rate possible. I highly recommend using Cape Medical Billing for your practice's needs."

~ Podiatrist, NJ

“The best thing about working with Cape Medical Billing is that they make my job so much easier. They make the collections, I sign a voucher once a month.  They send the reports. It’s that simple.”

-EMS/Fire Chief, NJ

"Richard, just a note to thank you for your help and guidance. My office manager and I had a conversation today and we agreed that your services far surpass those we received from the hospital's billing service. If you ever need to use either of us as a reference for a prospective client, we would be happy to help.  Thanks again."

~ Cardiologist, NJ