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September 2008 Client Newsletter


On July 15th, 2008 Congress passed the Medicare Improvements for Patients and Providers Act of 2008. This legislation cancelled the scheduled 10.6% fee reduction mandated by the SGR and replaced the reduction with a .5% increase which is the same amount paid by Medicare from January 1st, 2008 through June 30th, 2008.

CPB had a strategy to delay sending claims until after the increase had passed and sufficient time was allowed so that full payment would be received. I am glad to say that strategy worked and all clients did receive their full payment.

Medicare EFT

Just a reminder, if you did not return the EFT (Electronic Funds Transfer) form as required by the new Medicare Carrier, you will not be paid until you do once the transition occurs in November. There is usually a HUGE processing backup as the transition nears – avoid the delay in payment by getting these forms filed today. Call us if you need help.


The July 2008 version of the Evaluation & Management Services Guide, which provides evaluation and management services information about medical record documentation, International Classification of Diseases and Current Procedural Terminology codes, and key elements of service, is now available on the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services Medicare Learning Network at .
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