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December 2008 Client Newsletter


Just a reminder that CPB will be closed on Thursday, December 25th, Friday December 26th, & January 1st for the Christmas & New Years holidays. Wednesday, December 24th we will be open from 9:00 AM – 5:00 PM. We hope each of you enjoy your own special holidays.


This seems to have occurred without any significant issues.


With the poor economy, it is more important than ever that you make every effort to collect all co-pays, deductibles (if known), and co-insurances on the date of service. We are beginning to see significant numbers of patients say they have no job and will not be paying their bill. In many cases this is likely to be true, but many are on unemployment and probably would pay if asked before seeing the provider. The key is getting the payment before they receive your services.

More in the future about “Regulation Z” which adds restrictions when billing a patient more than 4 times in a payment plan.

Medicare Vaccine Fees 2008-2009

Hot off the press from Medicare.
90655 $16.88 Flu vaccine, Ages 6-35 months, IM
90656 $18.20 Flu vaccine, age 3 years and up, IM preservative free
90658 $13.22 Flu vaccine, split virus, IM
90660 $22.32 Flu vaccine, intranasal
90732 $32.70 Pneumonia vaccine, IM
90740 $119.42 Hepatitis B vaccine, dialysis or immunosuppressed dose, IM
90746 $59.71 Hepatitis B vaccine, adult dose, IM

Clients – let us know if you are using anything other than 90658 for the Flu Vaccine? We can update Charge forms quickly.


The Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) announced the Part B annual deductible for 2009 is $135.00 (the same as it was in 2008).


The Therapy Cap for 2009 is $1,840 through December 31, 2009. The Medicare Cap Exceptions process for independently practicing physical, speech and occupational therapists has also been extended to December 31, 2009.


CPB is in the process of reviewing all client Charge forms for new CPT, ICD-9 and HCPCS codes. Many of you have already been notified of required changes and the rest will be shortly. The Charge form is a key part of any insurance audit so ensuring it is current is important.

If there are any changes you would like to see, please let Rich know by Friday, December 5th.

FTC “Red Flag” Rules Delayed UNTIL May 1, 2009

On October 22, 2008 the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) announced that it will “suspend enforcement” of the “Red Flag” rules until May 1, 2009. The “Red Flag” rules require “financial institutions” and “creditors” with “covered accounts” to develop and implement a written program to detect and deal with identity theft.

CPB will continue to follow this and make the necessary operational and software adjustments. I am sure that your professional associations will be notifying you of this also if they haven’t already. If you have any questions, feel free to call me.

Compliance - Americans with Disability Act

According to the law firm Kern Augustine Conroy & Shoppmann, P.C.: “A Hudson County jury returned a verdict of $400,000 against a physician for refusing to provide an English-to-sign language interpreter for his deft patient because it was too costly. Although the interpreter would have cost the physician more than the office visit reimbursement, the fact that the doctor had $425,000 in annual income for the jury to decide that the expense was not an undue hardship. Under the Americans with Disabilities Act, places of "public accommodation" (including physician offices) must provide ancillary aids and services, including interpreters, unless it presents an undue hardship or would fundamentally alter the nature of the service."
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