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September 2010 Client Newsletter


Several office-based clients are now using our appointment system and enjoying the numerous benefits it offers. And it is free! Setup takes only a few minutes (which we do) and simply requires a computer and high-speed internet.

The system also offers an add-on auto-dialer option that works off the appointment system to remind your patients they have an appointment – thus cutting down on Missed appointments. After making the calls, it creates a report that lists who was called, what the status of the call was (appointment confirmed, no answer, busy, etc.), etc.

We also have 2 clients using the new digital pen technology which sends your charges to us within minutes or hours of treating the patients! This requires a color laser printer to print the specially engineered charge form. This is real “cutting-edge” technology!

If you are interested in the appointment system and/or the digital pen, please feel free to call.


Patient statements are moving into the 21st century! Patients can now access their monthly statement online via a secure hyperlink - much like many other bills. Providers that have this service, report a 20% - 30% increase in patient payments in addition to lower statement costs due to zero postage. To do so, we need to begin capturing the email addresses so patients can be notified via email. That saves postage (and trees!) and provides more timely payment. Patients without an email address can continue to receive paper statements. If the email bounces or is not opened within X days (7, for example), the statement software will recycle and print a paper statement. Clients using our free Appointment System can enter the email address in the first Demographics screen. Other clients can simply add it to any Charge form for us to enter – but please be sure it is written clearly.


In our continuing series to provide information, some additional considerations to ensure vendors meet the “meaningful use” criteria:

  • If you look at an EMR program that does not have the CCHIT 2011 (yep, 2011) certification, we suggest you ask them to provide you a written guarantee that they will receive 2011 certification by December 31, 2010. Otherwise, you could be losing out on the initial Medicare payments. The top EHR vendors are all providing written guarantees including penalties if they do not meet 2011 through 2015 certification by the posted certification date.
  • You can start with an EMR as late as 2012 and still receive the full Medicare Incentive bonus. See graph below.
  • A Physician gets 75% of Medicare Allowable Charges up to the maximum each year (see chart below) if they have a certified EHR and can meet 15 of the 25 quality Meaningful Use criteria. For example, annual payments are calculated based on Medicare processed allowable charges for Year 1:
$40,000 x 75% = $37,500 = Max of $18,000
$24,000 x 75% = $18,000 = Max of $18,000
$20,000 x 75% = $15,000 = Max of $15,000


Per CMS, the 2009 eRx incentive payments will be distributed first, from late September through late October, and the 2009 PQRI incentive payments will be distributed from late October through mid-November.
The 2010 incentive payments will be distributed sometime in the fall of 2011.

Effective 8/18/10, Med Risk asks that providers start using their new fax numbers. To fax New patient (PIF) or Submit Initial Evaluations and Rx’s: 877-389-7197 or 877-805-4173.
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