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May 2012 Client Newsletter

As mentioned a few weeks ago, we are seeing a significant increase in the # of HIGH deductible insurance plans – as high as $5,000 per year – with the resulting higher patient balances. Patients are taking longer to pay and even refusing to pay their deductible. Finding a way to avoid sending them to collections is important for your cash flow.

We have now looked at 6 vendors and are in the process of getting prices and doing the formal comparison. Should have a recommendation by the end of May. Sorry for the delay.

Healthpac’s Appointment Scheduler
For clients using Healthpac’s Appointment Scheduler, it has had a nice feature update to allow a card reader to scan insurance cards, driver’s licenses, etc. direct to a PDF and automatically attaches to the correct pt account - rather than make a paper copy which then still needs to be scanned and manually attached. One product that has been tested is the ScanShell 800DXN Duplex Color Scanner:
It is 8 inches by 3 inches so is quite compact and connects to your front desk PC via USB port. Online cost is $339 at Amazon and the link above.

If you decide to purchase a different product, the scheduler should work with any TWAIN compatible scanner. We do recommend one that can 1. duplex (scan both sides at the same time – which saves time) and 2. Scan in color so that the Driver’s License pictures will have color.

“Last call” – to avoid a 1.5% reduction in all Medicare reimbursement for 2013, be sure to use a qualified eRx program for at least 10 Medicare prescriptions between now and June 30, 2012 with a total of 100 by 12/31/12. This can be part of a certified EHR program or a standalone. For perspective, if you receive $120,000 in Medicare Allowed amounts, the 1.5% reduction would be $1,800 in lost revenue in 2013.

The only alternative is to qualify for an exemption, which can be difficult.

The Department of Health and Human Services (HHS) announced on April 9, 2012 a proposed rule that would delay the compliance date until October 1, 2014 for ICD-10. It has not been finalized but this would push it back 1 year.

We have been set up with Cape Bank to perform Remote Deposit. This means that if you use Cape Bank we can deposit checks sent to us for you remotely instead of mailing the checks to you. This service decreases the need to travel to your bank to make the deposit & also offers an extended deposit time of 8:00 PM instead of the standard bank time of 3:00 PM. It also means you will have access to your money the next day and can log on to your account to see your deposits each day. You could also have this service in your office.

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