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October 2019 Client Newsletter

Medicaid HMO's - Now Denying Non-Transport Codes
Until recently, the Medicaid HMO's were paying the non-transport/refusals billing code at the same rate as a transport. They are now following CMS guidelines and will no longer pay that code. EMS payments will decrease accordingly from those insurers for that code.
EmblemHealth - New "Bridge Network"
EmblemHealth has announced their new "Bridge Network" which is being used for some of the their EmblemHealth or ConnectiCare patients. It combines some of the existing EmblemHealth or ConnectiCare commercial networks.
Members who have the Bridge Network on their member ID cards belong to self-funded employer groups for which EmblemHealth and ConnectiCare are providing administrative services (ASO) and access to our commercial networks. The Payor ID appearing on the members' ID cards utilizing the Bridge Network for their services is 10000006. ECHO's phone number is: 888-492-0032.
Be aware that all payments will be with the dreaded Virtual Credit Cards unless EFT or paper check is requested through ECHO Health which is a separate enrollment. If you need this, please let us know.
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