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June 2019 Client Newsletter

Emailing Protected Health Information (PHI)
Protected Health Information (PHI).  Be careful not to include PHI in emails.  You can use an account #, but not the pt.’s name or address.  Also, even password-protected attachments are not considered HIPAA compliant which is why we provide all clients with access to Share Point (encrypted).  Share Point is the best option over faxes, which often are not as readable.  In fact, small print is usually not readable by the time it gets here. 
Please share the above with your staff since may also send emails. 
Federal Blue Shield Does Not Cover End of Life Care Planning
Federal Blue Shield does not cover the 99497 & 99498 CPT codes. Not need to either provide this service to those patients, or just don’t bill for it.
United Healthcare - Consults No Longer Paid
Effective June 1, 2019 United Healthcare will no longer pay Office or Hospital Consults. In those cases, use the appropriate office or hospital E&M visit code.
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