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June 2015 Client Newsletter

Client Newsletter June 2015


When ICD-10 goes into effect on October 1, 2015, it will be important to have become familiar well in advance to ensure you know what needs to be documented in your medical records - office, nursing home, Operative Reports, etc.  If you have not done it yet, now is a good time!


If you are going to code yourself, you may want to begin by purchasing a good coding option that will convert ICD-9 to ICD-10 options.  There are both free (see below) and purchase options (Optum, etc.).  By testing in June - code two-three charts and/or procedures each week, then move to two-to-three charts per week for July, and ten per day in August. When October 1st arrives, it will be a non-event. Or at least that part will be!  

We are contacting clients to discuss how your practice will make this transition so it is smooth on October 1 and after.  There are options, both paper and electronic.  CPB will be able to handle ICD-10 coding for our clients just as we have ICD-9.


For those looking for inexpensive coding assistance, http://www.icd10data.comoffers online access for a rather economical fee - FREE!  And it works on tablets and smartphones.  Since ICD-10 requires more information than ICD-9, you should take a look at some of your common Dx's to view the various additional information that is required - you will likely be surprised.  Many of the "Misc." ICD-9 codes do not have ICD-10 equivalents. 



Some providers may have the technology but be reluctant to start providing CCM services.  You could start on a small scale - perhaps 20 patients per month to see how it fits into your practice.  Only 20 patients per month would result in about $11,000 additional income per year.



As we have done for many years, Morey's Piers allows us to share our Corporate Discount with our clients.  Clients interested in taking advantage of these savings for waterpark and amusement rides can email Rich for the website and login information.  The best discounts (-25%) are for purchases made before June 15th.


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