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The Challenge of Collecting Patient Balances - and the New Healthpac Eligibility Layout


 One of the speakers at the February Healthpac users meeting talked about the challenge of collecting patient balances and the effect of the high deductible plans and higher copays. She said statistically, 30 percent of payments are now owed by patients! That means having a strong patient financial policy is critical.  The first lines of "defense" are:

  • Verify insurance when each appointment is made and check eligibility electronically during the call.  If the patient requires a referral for specialists, remind them to bring it.  This can be done through NaviNet, Healthpac, etc.
  • Make a photocopy of the insurance card and photo ID when the patient arrives for the appointment, and electronically re-verify insurance.  Insurance can and does change for some people between the time the appointment was made and the date of service.  If the insurance does NOT verify - best options are to either reschedule the patient, or collect cash/check/credit card payment. 
  • Collect all co-pays and any unpaid balances upon arrival - before the patient is taken to an exam room.  For those using the Healthpac Scheduler, you have access to real time ledger balances. 

We have updated the Healthpac eligibility output view to make it easier to read.