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Protection From Loss

Cape Medical Billing has a Disaster Plan in place designed to protect our client data.  This protects clients’ revenue stream due to data loss associated with events as “simple” as a local power failure or as widespread as a natural disaster.

Some key components of the Disaster Plan:

  • Continual data replication from the primary server to the backup server, one on-site and one off-site. Replication is preformed every five minutes.
  • Hourly data backups both on & offsite in addition to the server replication
  • An automated, state-of- the-art, backup electrical generator in the event of a power failure. We are one of the few Medical Billing service companies in the country that offers this extra level of protection.

Our disaster plan has been tested in real time, most recently by Hurricanes Irene and Sandy without any loss of information and data.  In fact, Cape Medical Billing did not need to shut down either time.