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When Cape Medical Billing President Rich Papperman learned of the challenges his EMS clients were facing regarding the costs and lack of reimbursement for Narcan, Epipens and CPAP he immediately wanted to help. After all, CMB has built its reputation on superior customer service.  "Your Success is Our Business” is not just a tag line, but the company's business standard. 

 So, in taking on this challenge, Rich set up a meeting with NJ State Senator Jeff VanDrew.  Papperman along with nine representatives from local EMS attended.  The group educated the Senator on the issues and challenges faced by EMS.  State Senator  VanDrew understood their dilemma and responded by agreeing to sponsor two bills.  

 The first, to allow individually drawn up Narcan and epinephrine; and the other to require state insurers to cover the cost of such products and limit the amount of deductible that is applied to EMS services.

"It is a noble cause that will be successful if enough networking is done within the statewide EMS community," explained Papperman.    "So, safe to say this was a successful first step!   Of course there is a LONG way to go, and we thank Senator VanDrew for his support.” 

 Papperman will keep his EMS clients updated on the progress of this effort, so keep an eye out here for more info.