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Increase Revenue Collected and Improve Your Lifestyle

Maintain Your Independence and Lifestyle

For many the attraction to become a physician was the science, lifestyle, and independence a career in medicine could provide. While physicians  value autonomy, the reality is that more and more physicians are giving up their own private practice and joining groups as paid employees. Why? Frankly, persistent government regulations and challenging insurance reimbursements has made it increasingly difficult to manage the practice of medicine with the business of medicine. Caring for patients while maintaining a profitable business has put physicians in the middle, and is burning them out.

Outsourcing is the answer to staying independent, doing what you love to do as a physician, while also having the work/life balance. 

Cape Medical Billing invests in resources

You won't have to put more money out for resources. We maintain technology upgrades and staff training designed to properly and efficiently manage your billing cycle and improve your bottom line. No need to for you to worry about the disruption of staffing issues and training. 

Cape Medical Billing is proud have been selected as one of the few medical billing companies in the country to serve as a beta-site for state-of-the-art medical billing Artificial Intelligence software. This technology observes, learns and analyzes the revenue cycle to strategically improve processes and ultimately increase collected revenue.  This is truly “cutting-edge” technology that leverages its knowledge to achieve better results for clients!  


Through a partnership with MiddleGate, Cape Medical Billing can stay ahead of the claim game and improve your revenue stream. 

Lowering Cost

Billing systems and human resources are often expensive and difficult to maintain. Most billing personnel in a private practice lack experience, time, training, and resources to properly manage your billing cycle. Hiring, managing and successfully maintaining in-house billing staff is a challenge in many practices, and can negatively impact your bottom line. Training billing staff to become proficient requires time, money, and resources. Staff vacations, illnesses, medical and family leave, and short staffing can be disruptive to your practice. Attrition and turnover can be catastrophic.

In addition, there are expenditures for computer software and hardware, service calls, training, support, maintenance, and upgrade fees to consider. The cost to your practice of not upgrading your technology can be even more expensive, resulting in lost revenue from high claim rejections. And finally, you have the cost of mailing patient statements-- envelopes, postage, processing; plus the phone calls coming into your office taking staff time to deal with billing questions...and on it goes!

With Cape Medical Billing managing your revenue cycle you can reduce your billing cost, helping you improve your bottom line.

Increase Revenue Collected

Cape Medical Billing has a proven track record of reversing Revenue Leakage and maximizing revenue for clients. Our services and systems are designed to get you paid faster, prevent rejections, track claims efficiently, and follow-up on unpaid claims and patient balances.

Over 95% of charges submitted by Cape Medical Billing are paid on first submission. Our clients experience half the national average of Days in Accounts Receivables. We can improve your cash flow significantly by getting you paid faster and collecting the maximum amount of money possible.