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Artificial Intelligence Technology at CMB Gives Clients the Revenue Edge

Cape Medical Billing is proud have been selected as one of the few medical billing companies in the country to serve as a beta-site for a state-of-the-art medical billing Artificial and Machine Intelligence.  This technology observes, learns and discovers areas to strategically improve revenue cycle processes and ultimately increase collected revenue.  This is truly “cutting-edge” technology that leverages its knowledge to achieve better results for clients! 


Through a partnership with MiddleGate and HealthPac, Cape Medical Billing can stay ahead of the "claim game" to improve your revenue stream.


Named Grace, this artificial and machine intelligence began as a passion project to build the smartest and most affordable intelligence that reasons on its own for a huge business purpose. Grace knows how to be the last one standing in the game of medical billing dodgeball.  Grace has analyzed tens of millions of claims and knows how to win the "claim game". Furthermore, Grace observe, learns, and analyzes the medical billing system to better manage claims for the best reimbursement results.  


According to MiddleGate, Grace is a delivered service that combines the power of multiple technologies such as deep learning in AI, semantic networks, genetic programming, machine learning in AI, swarm technologies, truth systems, analytics, statistics, massive parallelism through distributed processing, extensive micro-services, advanced network management and process healing.  Grace is comprised of some 200+ subsystems and technologies.


Professional Medical Billing Services

Cape Medical Billing is a professional medical billing service for physicians, physical/occupational therapists, and ambulance companies. As a leader in the medical billing industry with cutting-edge billing technology and superior customer service, we quickly maximize revenue collected for our clients by battling insurers who have focused "armies" of people dedicated to finding ways to deny provider's payment.

We provide cost-effective and efficient customized medical billing programs for any size medical practice and have over 25 years of proven success in getting clients paid quicker, maximizing revenue collected, and improving cash flow.

For more information on how Cape Medical Billing can increase your revenue and improve your cash flow contact us today.     888-633-2457

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Why Outsource Your Billing to a Billing Service?

Over the last decade, medical providers have become buried in more and more paper while it has become increasingly more difficult to get paid for their services. Today every provider faces the potential of getting paid less while doing more work.

Gone are the days of "submit a bill and get paid." Insurers have deployed "armies" of people, using high-end computers, with sophisticated software in order to find ways to deny providers payment. We call this Revenue Leakage.

At risk is the loss of tens of thousands of dollars in revenue to your practice.

Cape Medical Billing can help to substantially lower your costs, increase revenue collected, and reverse your Revenue more

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